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 Welcome to all of our students

We are a Christ-Centered, private school 

You Are on Your Journey of Sucess

"That Student Is You!"


Preparing Students for Excellence

Our goal is to motivate and stimulate students to   successfully complete their educational experience
and for every student to be servant leaders and to use   their gifts and skills to make a difference in the lives of   people around the world.

Character Building

The teaching of values and social skills occurs not only in the classroom but also around the clock as positive adult role models provide guidance and nurturance.  Most importantly, the focus on student development provided helps the student  understand their own potential and their responsibility for realizing it


Life Enrichment Programs

Banking Knowlege

The students will explore the meaning of "buying power" in order to make sound decisions about their own spending

Bank Notes

Grocery Shopping

The students will learn how to plan, make a list and how to properly shop for the items on their list.


Conflict Resolution

The students will learn how to resolve their conflict in a positive and production manner



The students will become self-efficient and learn how to cook and to survive in any circumstances

student cooking.jpg
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