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New Life School of Excellence has a residential program for grades 4th-12th that also promotes Christian values.

 The ML Harris All Boys Academy  &  SMART Girls Academy

Heading 3

Our Core Character Traits




To view life and live life from God’s perspective




Uncompromising commitment to truth, honor, faithfulness, loyalty, and trust




A sustained, dedicated pursuit of God-given potential




A commitment to treat everyone as uniquely created in the image of God and worthy respect.

The Mission of New Life School of Excellence

To glorify God by providing quality, Christ-centered education dedicated to equipping and develop leaders who are spiritually, personally, and academically prepared to impact their world

Your Child(ren) are Important to Us.

We come beside the parents in empowering them to become leaders

Let's do it together!!!

Many of our greatest leaders need a non-traditional environment

At New Life School of Excellence our students and families are very important to us. 


We are a ministry that wants to strengthen our students mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.


Many young people flourish in a different environment.  We provide an atmosphere of LOVE, NURTURING, DISCIPLINE AND STRUCTURE.


Many students learn differently.  We work diligently to promote the growth and provide the resources of every student enrolled.

     New Life helps a student to grow, academically, athletically, and spiritually (mind, body, and soul). We promote the development of students to become principle leaders proud to be the best they possibly could be.  Our caring and firm desire to see students become better than they ever imagine is our focal point

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